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Welcome to my site:

For years I have been threatening to create my own web site and finally I have got around to it. I have been in the Irish fly fishing competition scene for the last 20 years, gaining my first cap when I was 18. Since then I have fished constantly in the I.T.F.F.A. Irish international fly fishing team gaining 16 international caps and 7 Ulster caps with the privilege of captaincy of both teams.

I would say the highlights so far would be winning the All Ireland national final in 1996 on Lough Melvin, where I became Irish National champion.Winning the Ulster Championship in 2007,where I became the ulster champion and also winning the Garrison Open in the same year, where I won a 19ft burke lough style boat.

As for Fly tying and Dying, Which this site is really all about. It all came from being one of the youngest members in the senior team. As it was often my privilege to sit and tie flies for the rest of the team, while my elders got some practise in the pub!!! At the time I thought this rather unfair, but now looking back on it, it gave me a unique insight into some of the best colours and patterns, from some of the greatest Fly Anglers this country has ever seen." On the shoulders of giants" so to speak.

From those early days I always found it hard to get the colours that I had seen, or wanted, and so I set about dying my own. One thing lead to another and I started supplying colours to the those fellow team mates, and so it has all escalated from there

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So what do I offer?

What I am offering is true Irish colours from an Irishman. Who is not just a Dyer, a Supplier, a Fly tier or an angler, but all 4 in 1. There are not many that can offer that. There is nothing which rattles my cage more than seeing other suppliers offering Irish colours and they are nothing like, what the original true Irish colour. What I really fear is that these precious colours are going to be lost or diluted in a bland hue that is totally useless.

My colours are a unique blend of dyes which are derived from tradition, and my experience gathered on many of the Loughs, Lakes, Rivers, Reservoirs and even Saltwater fly fishing of Ireland.

A lot of my materials use picric acid, which has been used for many years in Ireland as a natural dye. Although in recent years others have rediscovered this substance as well, and so it has been branded a bit of a fad. Make no mistake picric acid in an very useful substance, which gives a unique colour, that allot of Irish anglers swear by, and others swear at!!

These colours are tried and tested again and again every year ( by me ) in the highest levels of Irish competition fly fishing and have gone along way to achieving my success in the Irish circuit. This shows that I am quite prepared to put my money were my mouth is by permanently trying, creating, and developing new and better materials.!!!

Important site Information.

Just  some information on the intent behind this site .I have deliberately made this site non automatic, which means that you cannot order items until you contact me first (Via my email) as the majority of my items are only a few off, the little stock I carry will vary at time to time, so I don't want people waiting ages for items when they have ordered them.This way I can deal personally with people and they will know exactly when they will be getting their items .Usually this will only be 3 days, including postage!!!

So If you would like to order anything please contact me through via my email address and I will get straight back to you.Also if there is anything you don't see on the site and would like .Please contact me and I will be only to willing to help you out.

Payments are made via Payable invoice VIA secure Square payments.